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Mexico is a great country to visit during the year, especially when it comes to getting away from it all. The village of Troncones is a small patch of civilization on a long stretch of beach, with about 500 people. The beaches are pristine and beautiful, with endangered turtles laying their eggs on the beach, dolphin pods traveling all around the coast, and lots of other fish and bird species coming and going.

Staying in the village lets you surf, swim, hike, bike, and do various other outdoor activities. You’ll be able to explore all of the hidden coves and spots that the village has to offer, both alone and with groups, as well as sample the food too! Mexican food, hamburgers, and fresh seafood are all waiting to be tried by your taste buds. Sometimes you can find them all in the same restaurant!

The village also has several activities that locals and newcomers can get in on. These include soccer games, parties, and other celebrations. All of these activities can happen at a moments notice, so you’ll never have a want of things to do! In addition, troncones hotels are extremely well kept and hospitable, so you’ll feel right at home. Meeting new friends and forging new connections is often expected whenever you go to the village, so you’ll probably have a reason to come back for your next vacation.

Troncones is also situated about 20 minutes from two larger cities, ensuring that you’ll never be more than a short drive away from more ocean activities, fun festivals, and more options for dining. With so many places to go, as well as plenty of options for solitude and reflection, Troncones is the place to go if you want both types of life.

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